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Universal feeding boiler

The KSP Duo boiler can be fired using five different solid fuels: eco-pea coal, pellets, fine coal, oats and lignite. The optimised combustion conditions in the KSP Duo boiler are provided by an innovative PSQ burner. Inside the boiler chamber, there is a fixed water grid, which can be used additionally for firing with hard coal, wood, chippings and briquettes. For pellets it meets the Class 4 emission standard for solid fuel combustion and has been certified with a “Green Apple” eco-safety mark.

Automatic operation

The ST-480 controller controls a forced draught (FD) fan, feeder, central heating and domestic hot water pump, floor heating pump, circulating pump and floor temperature controller. Parameter reading and modification is supported by a large, clear display with a pulser knob. In standard equipment the controller is also responsible for handling the mixing valve and weather sensor which ensures that the boiler operational parameters are adjusted to the ambient temperature. Optional modules support compatibility with additional mixing valves and communications via the RS channel, with GSM and Ethernet modules.

Full protection
of the combustion process

Operational safety and boiler protection is secured by a number of safeguards. The boiler’s basic equipment includes an automatic fire extinguishing system. The sensor continuously monitors the boiler water temperature and the temperature of the perpetual screw and the fuel hopper If any irregularities are detected or any of the sensors fail, the system will activate an alarm and switch off the feeder and fan. If the perpetual screw has been blocked in the feeder then the cotter pin is broken mechanically to protect the motoreducer against damage. Another safety feature of the KSP Duo boiler is the sensor protecting against flame retraction into the feeder and the fire extinguishing system, when the feeder pipe has reached a temperature of 90°C.


paliwa ksp duo

parametry techniczno-eksploatacyjneParametry techniczno-eksploatacyjne

Parameter Unit Type
KSP 15 Duo KSP 19 Duo KSP 27 Duo KSP 38 Duo
Dimensions D [mm] 140 × 140 160 × 200
E [mm] 268 × 198 268 × 268 348 × 248
L1 [mm] 180 150
L2 [mm] 140
L [mm] 520 590 650
H [mm] 1220 1400 1550
H1 [mm] 1020 1200 1470
H2 [mm] 245 256 205
H3 [mm] 1530
S [mm] 535 600 670
S1 [mm] 650
Basic fuel eco-pea coal, fine coal, pellets, oats
Heating power* [kW] 4 – 15 5 – 19 6 – 27 10 – 38
Area of heated rooms** [m²] ≤ 150 ≤ 190 ≤ 270 ≤ 380
Cubature of heated rooms [m³] ≤ 375 ≤ 475 ≤ 675 ≤ 950
Charging hopper capacity [dm³] 300
Boiler furnace charging capacity [dm³] ~ 20 ~ 30 ~ 45 ~ 65
Boiler water capacity [dm³] 70 80 100 120
Requested minimum chimney draught*** [Pa] 20 25
Power supply / Power [V/W] 230 / 175
Boiler weight without water [kg] 374 396 484 550

*Maximal water temperature in the boiler – 95°C; **For rooms of the height of up to 2.5 m; ***PN-EN 12809, PN-EN 303-5:2002;

regulator elektroniczny wentylator ruszt wodny sprawność cieplna 2 lata gwarancji na podzespoły 10 lat gwarancji na szczelność spoin 5 lat gwarancji na szczelność wymiennika


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