What is the 5th class of heating equipment?

This is the highest class applying to requirements of the pollutants and efficiency of boilers fired with solid fuel acc. to the PN EN 303-5 standard. Restrictions are applicable to the emission of CO, dust and efficiency of the equipment, which should have a maximum value to limit the heat losses to the minimum. PN EN 303-5:2012 standard is applicable throughout the Europe. The best engineers use this standard to design heating equipment. Confirmation that the requirements of the above standard are met is a certificate issued only by the laboratories holding an accreditation within the scope of PCA. 

Therefore, boilers with 5th class of emission according to the standard PN EN 303-5:2012 are economical, green, reliable devices and they limit heat losses. The PONE programme has been started in Poland in relation to increasing air pollution, mainly from big cities. It is possible to get a funding for replacement of the boiler reaching even 80% of the whole price. The condition to get funding is the purchase of the equipment having the 5th class.

What is ecodesign?

Rules concerning sales and operation of the solid fuel fired boilers have been changed pursuant to the Directive of the European Parliament 2009/125/EC, which sets the general rules for the requirements and marking of the products connected with energy. Up to now the above-mentioned regulation was applicable to, among others, the home appliances but in the additional Commission Regulation EU 2015/1189 of 28.04.2014 also boilers fired with solid fuel were covered. 

In compliance with the regulation equipment approved for sales should meet the ECODESIGN requirements specified in the above document and have appropriate marking applying to the energy-efficiency rating. New changes are aimed to improve quality and energy efficiency of possessed equipment and therefore improvement of air quality by the limitation of emission of pollutants to the atmosphere. This regulation will be obligatory from 1.01.2020 in the entire territory of Poland.