Burners used in our boilers

PSR and PSR Line burners

KSR Beta, KSM, AGRO Line series

Feeding system PSR is equipped with a retort burner. It is a popular design solution ideal for boilers with automatic feeding of fuel. It ensures clean combustion and non-disturbed operation. PSR feeder is intended for use of eco-pea coals and pellets with granulation not greater than 31.5 mm. The screw is made of special grade of steel with increased resistance to rust. A proper thickness of material (8 mm) is also ensured. 

Anti-corrosion coating, ensuring a protecting barrier for the surface of the screw is an additional reinforcement. Correct operation of the screw is ensured by series of protections. Split pins protect the motoreducer against overloading and temperature sensors with cooling valve BVTS (installed as an option) prevents the pull back of heat to fuel container.

cast iron burner

KSR Beta Plus series

Retort cast iron burner with new generation screw feeder Fine coal and eco-pea coal (hard coal) is used as a primary fuel. Design solutions used allows using fuels with various granulation - from loose to granules 0-32 mm. The unique design of burner nozzle and the introduction of improved fuel feeding method allows the trouble-free use of so-called “difficult fuels” including coal size grades with a high value of caking power.

The burner is completely made of cast iron. More durable ductile cast iron was used for the production of the screw to improve resistance to corrosion. Use of solid material ensures a long lifetime of the equipment regardless of the moisture content of the combusted fuel and has an impact on the quieter operation and lower vibrations transferred to the other components of the boiler.

PSQ and Multi PSQ burners

KSP Duo, AGRO Multi series

Steel burner PSQ with a trough feeder has an innovative design allowing using up to four types of solid fuel types with various grain sizes, from 0 to 31.5 mm. Except for fine coal and eco-pea coal size it is possible to use biofuels such as pellet or oats. The PSQ feeder is not only versatile but also efficient. The Higher efficiency of operation is ensured by a deflector installed in the burner, which efficiently afterburns gases emitted during the combustion process. 

Safe operation is ensured by a screw temperature sensor in the controller and additionally by a cooling valve - so-called “fire-fighter”. The valve starts fire suppression process if heat moves backs to the fuel container. Motoreducer, which is responsible for the operation of the screw is protected by a split pin ripping mechanism. If the screw becomes locked then ripped split pins causes its automatic stoppage and therefore overloading of continuously operation motoreducer is avoided.

PELLAS burner

KSP Pelet, KSR Beta Pelet series

A unit containing a feeder with a Pellas X burner is the most technologically advanced solution used in the solid fuel fired boilers. It is intended for combustion of biomass such as pellet, oats and kernel with grain size 6-8 mm. Its operation is fully automated. The electronic system ensures automatic firing up, cleaning and control of flame level. The feeder is designed to ensure trouble-free setting of the boiler with fuel container even in the small room. 

The highest quality materials, such as heat-resisting steel and extremely resistant to corrosion galvanized steel, were used for the production of the Pellas X burner. Operational safety of the device is ensured by a patented technology of overpressure combustion which eliminates a risk of the pullback of the flame and fuel mixing system introduced in the combustion chamber significantly extends the time of maintenance-free operation.