KSR Beta Plus

Perfect technical choice

Use of a proven design of the body and heat exchanger [1] allows transferring heat in the possibly most effective way, maintaining the integrity and high reliability for many years. Eco-pea coal is a primary fuel for the KSR Beta Plus boiler, but using a burner completely made of cast-iron, it is possible to combust fine coal.

Economy due to advanced technology

Cast iron burner [2] maintains higher temperature after firing up for a longer time, what allows using fine coal as a primary fuel. Improved efficiency is ensured by the use of the retort feeder [3], binary controller and modern ventilation system. ecoMAX 910 controller [4] takes care of the combustion process, doses fuel and air inflow. It controls also the operation of four pumps: central heating, domestic hot water, circulation pump and pump of the mixer. Control system can be adapted to each user profile reaching the desired temperature of heated rooms in a short time. KSR Beta Plus boiler can be additionally equipped with another module Room Control Touch and Net Control, allowing remote control.

The highest safety level

Several temperature sensors and the design itself ensure maximally safe operation of the boiler. Too high level of heat (85-90°C) initiates alarm signal and shutdown of the feeder and fan. Additional pumps are activated in case of a sudden increase of temperature and they distribute hot water through the system to cool it down. The device responses also in case of overheating of the screw in the feeder, lack of fuel or a problem with reaching the desired temperature. After the alarm signal STB sensor protects the motoreducer locking operation of the screw, what protects the boiler against overheating.


Eco-pea coal is a coal with a grain size 5-25 mm intended for modern boilers with a retort feeder. It characterizes with high calorific value and low content of sulphur and ash. This product is produced from selected coals with the best available parameters.
Fine coal has similar properties to the hard coal but its price is considerably lower. It has a form of fine granules, which can be used as an additive to the other solid fuel or independently.

high power and small dimensions

PEREKO boilers have high heating power with relatively small dimensions. It is also possible to install them in smaller boiler rooms.

easy cleaning

Vertical shelves in the heat exchanger allow easy cleaning of boiler interior.

intuitive controller operation

Professional controller individually adapted for each boiler. Its operation does not require professional knowledge from the user.

cast iron burner

Design solutions used allows using fuels with various granulation - from loose to granules 0-32 mm.

option to operate via the internet

An additional module allows controlling operation of the boiler via the internet.

Parameter Unit Model
20 25 28 35 50 70
Dimensions D [mm] ∅ 159 ∅ 178 ∅ 219
E [mm] 298 × 198 348 × 248
L1 [mm] 110 150
L2 [mm] 220
L [mm] 525 595 675 870
H [mm] 1275 1385 1410 1510 1770
H1 [mm] 1055 1155 1180 1280 1530 1520
H2 [mm] 310 320
H3 [mm] 1485 1500 1600
S [mm] 510 590 700 720
S1 [mm] 650 900
Primary fuel eco-pea coal, fine coal
Range of thermal power* [kW] 5 – 20 6 – 25 8 – 28 10 – 35 15 – 50 21 – 70
Area of heated rooms** [m2]

do 364

do 455

do 509

do 636

do 909

do 1273

Heated rooms volume [m3]

do 909

do 1136

do 1273

do 1591

do 2273

do 3182

Charging capacity of container [dm3] 300 900
Boiler water tank capacity [dm3] 70 75 96 102 130 152
Heat exchanger material Steel P265GH [PN-EN 10028]; thickness 5 and 6 mm
Maximum working pressure [bar] 1,5
Required min. chimney draught*** [Pa] 20 25 30
Power supply / Power [V/W] 230 / 175
Weight of boiler without water [kg] 368 397 439 476 643 784
Energy-efficiency rating D
Control controller ecoMAX 910
Additionally as a standard emergency cast-iron grate
Burner Retort cast iron burner with screw-conveyor feeder
Additional equipment
  • 10-year warranty for tightness of welds
  • 6-year warranty for tightness of heat exchanger
  • 2-year warranty for components
*maximum water temperature in the boiler – 95°C; **or rooms height 2.5 m and insulation with styrofoam 15 cm (q = 55 W/m²); ***PN-EN 12809, PN-EN 303-5:2002;
The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce structural changes.