KSR Pelet

Green solution and wide range or power

Modern boiler KSR Pelet is adapted for combustion of pellet - environmental friendly fuel from natural renewable sources. Pellet granules are almost completely burnt due to use of the PELLAS burner [1], Automatic ignition function, smooth adjustment of power and low power consumption causes that use of the boiler is comfortable and cost-efficient. A wide range of power allows optimal selection of the equipment.

Innovative technology

Design of body and heat exchanger [2] ensures the most effective transfer of heat, high reliability and integrity for many years. S.Control system automatically controls operation of the boiler by firing up, cleaning and control of the flame. The controller services three (3) pumps (central heating, domestic hot water and floor pump), the actuator of the mixing valve and temperature limiter (STB). Automatic igniter allows automatic firing up at a time indicated by the user. Additional Net Control [3] module is intended for remote control of all available parameters via the Internet. Supplementing modules, Room Control and Room Control Touch [4] additionally improves the comfort of operation.

Safety first!

Design of whole equipment has been prepared with due care for safety and comfort of operation. Charging hopper [5] is separated from boiler body what eliminates the risk of undesirable heating. Furthermore the automatic safety systems have been used: overpressure burning system, which prevents flashback and STB sensor, which cuts off supply of the external feeder in the case when the temperature is too high.

Primary fuel: WOOD PELLET

Wood pelet is a compressed biomass formed from the wood waste. It is produced in form of granules having the length of several centimetres. It has high calorific value and low moisture content. It does not leave dirt, has a pleasant smell, is easy to transport and store.

high power and small dimensions

PEREKO boilers have high heating power with relatively small dimensions. It is also possible to install them in smaller boiler rooms.

easy cleaning

Vertical shelves in the heat exchanger allow easy cleaning of boiler interior.

intuitive controller operation

Professional controller individually adapted for each boiler. Its operation does not require professional knowledge from the user.

PELLAS burner

The most technologically advanced solution used in the solid fuel fired boilers. It is intended for combustion of biomass such as pellet, oats and kernels.

option to operate via the internet

An additional module allows controlling operation of the boiler via the internet.

Parameter Unit Model
15 20 25 28 35 50
Dimensions D [mm] ∅ 159 ∅ 178 ∅ 219
E [mm] 248 × 173 298 × 198 348 × 248
L1 [mm] 110
L2 [mm] 530
L [mm] 495 525 595 675
H [mm] 1275 1385 1410 1565 1770
H1 [mm] 1065 1155 1180 1335 1530
H2 [mm] 310
H3 [mm] 1250
S [mm] 460 510 590 700
S1 [mm] 610
Primary fuel pellet
Range of thermal power* [kW] 0 – 15 0 – 20 0 – 25 0 – 28 0 – 35 0 – 50
Area of heated rooms** [m²]

do 273

do 364

do 455

do 509

do 636

do 909

Heated rooms volume [m³]

do 682

do 909

do 1136

do 1273

do 1591

do 2273

Charging capacity of container [dm³] 300
Boiler water tank capacity [dm³] 52 70 75 96 102 130
Heat exchanger material steel P265GH [PN-EN 10028]; thickness 5 and 6 mm
Maximum working pressure [bar] 1,5
Required min. chimney draught*** [Pa] 20 25 30
Power supply / Power [V/W] 230 / 1200
Weight of boiler without water [kg] 204 288 317 396 563 703
Energy-efficiency rating A+
Control controller S.Control
Additionally as a standard outside sensor, emergency cast-iron grate
Burner Hybrid burner fired with pellet + galvanized feeder, 2-metres long
Additional equipment
  • 10-year warranty for tightness of welds
  • 5-year warranty for tightness of heat exchanger
  • 2-year warranty for components
*maximum water temperature in the boiler – 95°C; **or rooms height 2.5 m and insulation with styrofoam 15 cm (q = 55 W/m²); ***PN-EN 12809, PN-EN 303-5:2002;
The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce structural changes.