KSW Master

For combustion of fine coal and solid fuels

The innovative design of furnace in the KSW Master boiler, enriched with air injection system [1] allows using the majority of solid fuels in this boiler. A system of water pockets is used in this boiler. It extends flue gas circulation [2] and improves its efficiency. A characteristic element of this boiler is effective combustion of fine coal and option to fire it up from top and bottom.

High temperature without risk of overheating

Boiler operation is supported by electronic controller [3]. It controls operation of the fan [4] located in the upper part of the boiler and reduces fuel consumption by 10-30% and extends operation time on one charge. It maintains a high temperature in the boiler without risk of overheating.

Robust design

KSW Master is designed to ensure reliable and effective operation for many years. Long lifetime is ensured by its design - mainly good metal sheets connected with double joints. Warranty periods for this model: 2 years warranty for components, 5 years warranty for heat exchanger tightness and 10 years of warranty for flue gas tightness.

Simplified every day servicing

Each charging boiler requires every-day servicing. Therefore, we try to make it as convenient as possible. Wider charging doors [5] facilitate charging of fuel and cleaning of the combustion chamber. The lever of grate [6] is located on the side of the boiler. One shift allows removing the ash to the ash-pan [7] from where it can be easily taken out. As one of the few manufacturers we ensure also option to adjust doors in a horizontal position to maintain its tightness.  

Primary fuel: HARD COAL, FINE COAL

Hard coal is the most often used type of fuel for heating the house.
High calorific value and relatively low price are the main factors decisive on its popularity.
Fine coal has similar properties to the hard coal but its price is considerably lower.
It has a form of fine granules, which can be used as an additive to the other solid fuel or independently.

high power and small dimensions

PEREKO boilers have high heating power with relatively small dimensions. It is also possible to install them in smaller boiler rooms.

circular connection

The connection of boiler to the chimney is not longer a problem due to universal connection ensuring high accessibility.

mobile grate

A lever located on the side of the boiler services mobile grate set on a slight angle in vertical motion what facilitates removal of ash.

electronic controller

Professional controller individually adapted for each boiler. Its operation does not require professional knowledge from the user.

air injection in the combustion chamber

Additional vent holes located in the combustion chamber allows combusting various types of fuels.

Parameter Unit Model
12 16 18 20 24 30
Dimensions A [mm] 290 340 450
B [mm] 320 390 420
C [mm] 325 390 380 340 400 390
D [mm] ∅ 159 ∅ 178
E [mm] 248 × 173 298 × 198 348 × 248
L [mm] 425 495 525 590
L1 [mm] 45
L2 [mm] 190 220
H [mm] 1170 1265 1270 1360 1385
H1 [mm] 1005 1090 1080 1175 1200
H2 [mm] 235
S [mm] 390 440 550
S1 [mm] 65
Primary fuel hard coal, fine coal
Thermal power* [kW] 12 16 18 20 24 30
Area of heated rooms** [m²]

≤ 218

≤ 291

≤ 327

≤ 364

≤ 436

≤ 545

Heated rooms volume [m³]

≤ 545

≤ 727

≤ 818

≤ 909

≤ 1091

≤ 1364

Efficiency [%] ~80 – 85
Power control range [%] ±2
Capacity of combustion chamber [dm³] 32 37 42 50 60 90
Boiler water tank capacity [dm³] 40 54 57 72 80 105
Heat exchanger material Steel P265GH [PN-EN 10028]; thickness 6 mm
Maximum working pressure [bar] 1,5
Required min. chimney draught*** [Pa] 23 25
Min./max. water temperature [°C] 57/95
Power supply / Power [V/W] 230/85
Weight of boiler without water [kg] 210 230 245 275 290 350
Diameter of water connection [cal] G 1 1/2
Energy-efficiency rating D
Control controller SP-16 LOGIC
Additionally as a standard set of cleaning tools
  • 10-year warranty for tightness of welds
  • 5-year warranty for tightness of heat exchanger
  • 2-year warranty for components
*maximum water temperature in the boiler – 95°C; **or rooms height 2.5 m and insulation with styrofoam 15 cm (q = 55 W/m²); ***PN-EN 12809, PN-EN 303-5:2002;
The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce structural changes.