KSW Prima

We do not have larger combustion chamber

KSW Prima is a little boiler, which will fit any boiler room. Despite small dimensions it has the biggest combustion chamber [1] – depth to 57 cm! Even half-a-meter long chunks can be easily inserted because doors opening is very wide [2] and its inlet is directed slightly upwards to make this operation even easier.

For wood and hard coal 

Design of the boiler is adapted for combustion of wood and hard coal. However, depending on the needs it is possible to use the other solid fuels. It is possible thanks to four additional air injections located inside the furnace [3].

Supervision always pays off

KSW Prima boiler is equipped with innovative Logic control system [4]. It controls operation of the central heating pump, domestic hot water pump and it cooperates with the room controller. It ensures also fixed and effective operation of the fan [5]. It changes its revolutions depending on heat demand of the building. It extends the burn time of the boiler (that is boiler operation time on one charge) and ensures considerable fuel savings annually.

Robust design

Optimum and long use is ensured by a solid design of thick metal sheet connected by double joints in the locations crucial for its tightness. We try to ensure that our boilers, besides their primary function like correct combustion, have also an attractive appearance. Therefore, when designing Prima we were guided by a modern design, making sure that the boiler casing, including the panel, is harmonious and aesthetic. Warranty periods for this model: 2 years warranty for components, 5 years warranty for heat exchanger tightness and 10 years of warranty for flue gas tightness.  

Primary fuel: HARD COAL, WOOD

Hard coal is the most often used type of fuel for heating the house. High calorific value and relatively low price are the main factors decisive on its popularity. Wood belongs to a group of renewable fuels. During combustion it emits considerably less toxic substances to the environment than the hard coal. It is less calorific than coal but it is cheaper

high power and small dimensions

PEREKO boilers have high heating power with relatively small dimensions. It is also possible to install them in smaller boiler rooms.

mobile grate

A lever located on the side of the boiler services mobile grate set on a slight angle in vertical motion what facilitates removal of ash.

electronic controller

Professional controller individually adapted for each boiler. Its operation does not require professional knowledge from the user.

air injection in the combustion chamber

Additional vent holes located in the combustion chamber allows combusting various types of fuels.

larger combustion chamber

Larger combustion chamber allows combusting wood in chunks without previous reduction of their size.

Parameter Unit Model
15 20 25
Dimensions A [mm] 340 390
B [mm] 420 550 580
C [mm] 250
D [mm] 159
E [mm] 300 × 190
L [mm] 520 650 680
L1 [mm] 110
L2 [mm] 180
H [mm] 1150
H1 [mm] 850
H2 [mm] 235
S [mm] 450 500
S1 [mm] 50
Primary fuel hard coal, wood
Thermal power* [kW] 15 20 25
Area of heated rooms** [m²]

≤ 273

≤ 364

≤ 455

Heated rooms volume [m³]

≤ 682

≤ 909

≤ 1136

Efficiency [%] ~80
Power control range [%] ±10
Capacity of combustion chamber [dm³] ~50 ~60 ~70
Boiler water tank capacity [dm³] 45 55 65
Heat exchanger material Steel P265GH [PN-EN 10028]; thickness 5 and 6 mm
Maximum working pressure [bar] 1,5
Required min. chimney draught*** [Pa] 23 25
Min./max. water temperature [°C] 57/95
Power supply / Power [V/W] 230/85
Weight of boiler without water [kg] 190 245 280
Diameter of water connection [cal] G 1 1/2
Energy-efficiency rating D
Control controller SP-16 LOGIC
Additionally as a standard set of cleaning tools
  • 10-year warranty for tightness of welds
  • 5-year warranty for tightness of heat exchanger
  • 2-year warranty for components
*maximum water temperature in the boiler – 95°C; **or rooms height 2.5 m and insulation with styrofoam 15 cm (q = 55 W/m²); ***PN-EN 12809, PN-EN 303-5:2002;
The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce structural changes.