workpieces, structures, components of machinery and equipment

Welding services

workpieces, structures, components of machinery and equipment

We are manufacturer of steel structures and units for the building, rail, automotive, heating, heat engineering, recycling and public building industry. Systems, introduced in 2014 and 2015, ensure the highest quality of manufactured structures and provided welding services. Our offer includes components with various degree of complexity, from small, decorative items, e.g. railings for complex structures of weight up to several tons e.g. components of the production and storage halls or components of rail vehicles. We specialize in welding of non-alloyed structural steels, rust-resistant steels, high-resistant boiler steels, stainless steels and aluminium alloys. We use manual, semi-automatic and robotized processes and methods: 111, 141, 131 and 135. Welding personnel, being under continuous supervision of chief welding engineer, is certified according to the standards. To meet expectations of the customer each welding structure is subject to quality control and full range of non-destructive testing.

Welding of stainless steel

Welding processes have been separated since construction of new production hall. Stainless steel is welded on special posts prepared for this purpose. Newly purchased welding equipment and trained personnel allows achieving the highest quality of execution of welds and maintaining necessary dimensional tolerances. Stainless steel is welded using TIG, MIG methods.

Welding of aluminium

Similarly as in case of stainless steel welding process and in case of aluminium welding this process has been separated from the other work cells. Correct adaptation of production hall allows us executing both small workpieces and large aluminium structures. Production technology is ready also to execute large production batches and painting to any colour from RAL range. Aluminium is welded using TIG, MAG methods.

Welding of structures

All welded structures are executed in compliance with submitted documentation. We are ready to implement both single workpieces and large production batches. Two bays with overhead cranes (15t and 20t each) allows us executing steel structures of large dimensions and weights. Welding of structures includes also necessary preparation processes (cutting, bending, milling etc.) and finishing processes (shot-blasting, painting etc.). Each implementation is completed with submitting as-built documentation with proper reports and executed tests. We also provide transport.

Quality confirmed with certificates

The Manufacturing Quality Control system, introduced in the 2014, acc. to PN-EN 1090-1 in EXC2 class, allows us undertaking even bigger challenges posed for the building, automotive, locomotive, architecture, transport and logistics, recycling, heat engineering and many other industries. Production of structural components for e.g. production and warehouse buildings, requires proper preparation of many components of process lines in the company. Safety of execution of such type of the structure always comes first for us. Therefore, we ensure supervision over whole design and all production stages, what is supported with performance declarations and obtaining CE safety mark. Welding is a special production process for rail vehicles and their components.

Technical standards applying to welding with taking into account special design requirements for rail vehicles are basis for all operations. PEREKO company meets all above-mentioned requirements, introducing the most stringent requirements of EN ISO 3834-2 “Comprehensive quality requirements” and EN 15085-2 on the certification level CL1. Taking into account comfort and safety of people travelling by rail, we want to ensure that our products are quality and engagement benchmarks. Traceability system introduced helps to validate process and manage production. Quality of executed welded structure is ensured by quality plans, non-destructive testing (VT, MT, PT) and quality declarations.


“PEREKO Sp. z o.o. is a solid and reliable company, fulfilling the contracts and always helping in customization of the offer according to the customer demands and solving design and assembly problems”

“Level of customer service, both concerning commercial and technical issues, is high regardless of the complexity and value of executed works. Past experience from cooperation with PEREKO Sp. z o.o. allows stating that this is a reliable and trustworthy partner.”

“I recommend PEREKO as a reliable, trustworthy company, ready for comprehensive implementation of tasks connected with metalworking and execution of steel structures.”