Preparation and finishing

All stages of welding process are executed under supervision - starting from verification of the request for quotation, through preparation process of the workpieces, welding - until the product is finished. Preparation of workpieces for welding is strictly specified. We are able to prepare components according to the requirements of the standards PN EN ISO 9013 thanks to use of laser and plasma cutter. Use of CNC bending brakes ensures repeatability of production.

Welding instruments are prepared within own scope, because it allows improving and accelerating welding process and prevents occurrence of deformations of the workpieces. We use welding equipment and welding robots with double arms MOTOMAN, which are ideal for such types of structures. Removal of discolorations and preparation of surface for painting is carried out using shot-blasting process.

Preparation of details for welding includes the processes of:
  1. thermal cutting using laser or plasma cutter
  2. mechanical cutting on guillotines and saws
  3. plastic forming on bending brakes or hydraulic presses
  4. drilling
  5. plastic forming on devices intended for coiling of sheets and profile
  6. CNC processing
  7. and others
Finishing of details after welding includes the processes of:
  1. shot-blasting
  2. wet-painting (including large-size components)
  3. powder coating
  4. and others