Modern central heating system 

Boilers fired with coal usually are associated with the troublesome operation, the problem in maintenance of cleaning in the boiler room and troublesome storage of large amounts of fuel. 

This image has significantly changed for some time.

Why is it worth to pay attention to solid fuel fired boilers?

Development of these products in the recent years is significant. ENVO also participates in this process.

Our offer includes highly-effective boilers, equipped with automatic fuel feeding system and modern electronic controllers. Currently, each manufactured heating equipment should have a rating plate informing the customer about energy efficiency rating and thermal power for the given model.

Ecodesign certificate used to mark the equipment with the lowest emission of toxic substances was created to simplify identification of tested ecological boilers. Our heating equipment has a fifth class of emission according to the standard 303-5:2012 and the Ecodesign certificate.

Alternative solutions for gas and oil-fired boilers?

Cost of heating with a gas of fuel oil has risen considerably lately due to fuel price increase. Furthermore, in case of gas we are dependent on continuity of deliveries of this fuel.

The solution is to use the boiler, which at a similar level of servicing comfort, uses the cheapest fuel.

In case of our products these are boilers intended for combustion of eco-pea coal, pellet and agripellet.


The biggest problem in use of classic coal-fired boilers is a necessity to clean the furnace chamber after each use and troublesome firing up This problem practically does not exist in the newest models. Combustion process takes place only in the burner where the fuel is delivered in the given portions in accordance with settings of the controller.

Combustion takes place at temperature approx. 1100-1200 °C and generates little smoke and ash. It allows effective operation what causes that filling of fuel in the container is carried out once per 4-5 days during the winter. While during the summer one fuel container is sufficient even for two weeks of maintenance-free operation.

It is also necessary to periodically remove ash, falling to special drawer below the furnace. The ash should be removed from boiler once per 3-4 days with optimal settings of boiler parameters and high-quality eco-pea coal or pellet. Drawer has convenient handles, which can be used to throw the ash directly from the drawer without needing to pour it.


Controller, that is device which can be used to set parameters of operation of our boiler, is a very important part of PEREKO boilers. Operation of the controller is relatively simple. Only parameters such as fuel feeding time, blow-through time or downtime should be set during the heating season. Correct settings allow maximum optimization of operation of the equipment what has economic benefits because less fuel is combusted.

Electronic controller makes continuous measurement of water temperature and based on this it controls operation of the fan and fuel feeder. It can cooperate also with the other equipment such as room panel, additional internet module or domestic hot water pump. User intervention in the controller settings can be necessary in case of purchase of eco-pea coal or pellet with the other calorific value than during the previous season or purchase of fuel with the worse properties.

Eco-pea coal and pellet available in Poland can have considerably different parameters despite manufacturers declaration on conformity with the standards for this type of fuels. Also storage is less troublesome than in case of classic coal because both eco-pea coal and pellet are available in 20-25kg bags, which content can be poured directly into the container. It is important the ensure that fuel is not moist, because it has an impact on the decrease of boiler efficiency.

An investment that pays off

Described boilers for sure are not the cheapest but they will repay with very low operating costs and very high level of operation comfort. They can be used in the modern building industry and as an alternative source of heat in case of existing gas or oil systems.

Investment in the modern boiler with automatic feeder returns on investment after 3-4 heating seasons if we have gas or oil boiler. For users having a classical coal fired boiler the investment in modern equipment allows maintaining expenses on a similar level but it ensures considerably higher comfort of use.

Furthermore, in some boroughs there are programmes allowing reimbursement of expenses for replacement of the boiler with a new one with ECODESIGN mark (PEREKO boilers have such certification) what causes that these products are even more attractive.